Named NPCs, Generic NPCs, Enemies, Domestic Animals and Wildlife
Base IDRef IDNameEditor NameRace/Gender
000A1976Werewolf VargrEncWerewolf06Boss
0009C8AA0009C8ABWeylinMS01WeylinMale Breton
0200EBB1Whispering SpiritDLC1SoulCairnWispWALL
0201A8EFWhispering SpiritDLC1SoulCairnWisp
00090CE2White StagDA05QuestingBeast
00104F46White StagDA05EncWhiteStag
00063F35Whiterun GuardCWSiegeWhiterunImperialSoldier
000D7779Whiterun GuardE3DemoSoldier01
00039FD7Whiterun GuardGuardRoriksteadImperial
00108296Whiterun GuardGuardWhiterunImperialDragonsreachPorchPatrol
00108D8BWhiterun GuardGuardWhiterunImperialDragonsreachPorchPatrolB
000EA0A2Whiterun GuardGuardWhiterunImperialTemplate
00108298Whiterun GuardGuardWhiterunSonsDragonsreachPorchPatrol
00108D8AWhiterun GuardGuardWhiterunSonsDragonsreachPorchPatrolB
000BD05CWhiterun GuardMQ104Messenger
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