Named NPCs, Generic NPCs, Enemies, Domestic Animals and Wildlife
Base IDRef IDNameEditor NameRace/Gender
000A9599000A737FAgnaAgnaFemale Nord
000135E50001AA5FAgniAgniFemale Nord Child
0002004400020045AgnisAgnisFemale Nord
00083B1900083B18AgriusdunHalldirsDeadBandit03Male Imperial
000CE086000CD09CAhjisiDA05Hunter11_04Melee_AhjisiFemale Khajiit
0001B1D60007434AAhkariAhkariFemale Khajiit
00013BBE0001A6A5AhlamAhlamFemale Redguard
02005A9BAhlamDLC1TestAngryFemale Redguard
0001325F000198B0AhtarAhtarMale Redguard
040248E9040179B8AhzidalDLC2AcolyteAhzidalMale Dragon Priest
0001325C000198D0Aia ArriaAiaArriaFemale Imperial
0001402E00019909AicantarAicantarMale Altmer (High Elf)
0005CF360005CF33Aicantar's SpiderdunMarkarthWizard_SpiderDwarven
00013B6900019931AinethachAinethachMale Breton
0401F9C30401F9CAAkarDLC2dunFrostmoonAkarMale Nord
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