Named NPCs, Generic NPCs, Enemies, Domestic Animals and Wildlife
Base IDRef IDNameEditor NameRace/Gender
000E0FC2Apprentice Storm MageEncWarlock02TemplateBossStorm
00045C61Apprentice Storm MageEncWarlock02TemplateStorm
000D6AD8000D6AD9Aquillius AeresiusAquilliusAeresiusMale Imperial
00028AD000028AD1Aranea IenithDA01AraneaFemale Dunmer (Dark Elf)
00013BA40001A66DArcadiaArcadiaFemale Imperial
001091ADArch ConjurerEncWarlock07TemplateBossConjurer
001091A8Arch ConjurerEncWarlock07TemplateConjurer
001091AFArch CryomancerEncWarlock07TemplateBossIce
001091AAArch CryomancerEncWarlock07TemplateIce
04034FC6Arch CultistDLC2EncCultist07DarkElfFDunmer (Dark Elf)
04034FC7Arch CultistDLC2EncCultist07DarkElfMDunmer (Dark Elf)
04034FC8Arch CultistDLC2EncCultist07NordMNord
04030CD6Arch CultistDLC2EncCultist07TemplateNord
04034FCDArch CultistDLC2EncCultist07TemplateSummonerNord
001091B1Arch ElectromancerEncWarlock07TemplateBossStorm
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