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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0401DB97Ahzidal's Armor of RetributionDLC2dunKolbjornCuirass40275038
0200C816Ancient Falmer CuirassDLC1IvoryCuirass389007
0200CAD3Ancient Falmer CuirassDLC1IvoryCuirassAlternate38507
000F494EAncient Helmet of the UnburnedEnchArmorDraugrHelmetResistFire03153204
00018388Ancient Nord ArmorArmorDraugrCuirass2512528
00056A9DAncient Nord BootsArmorDraugrBoots10255
00056B17Ancient Nord GauntletsArmorDraugrGauntlets10254
00056A9EAncient Nord HelmetArmorDraugrHelmet15604
000E1F15Ancient Shrouded ArmorDBArmorSP333005
000E1F14Ancient Shrouded BootsDBArmorBootsSP122500.5
000E1F17Ancient Shrouded CowlDBArmorHelmetSP151501
000E1F16Ancient Shrouded GlovesDBArmorGlovesSP121701
000EAFD0Armor of the Old GodsMS02ForswornArmor241003
0200284DAuriel's ShieldDLC1ArmorAurielsShield3275014
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