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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0401C655Ahzidal's Boots of WaterwalkingDLC2dunKolbjornBoots1411259
0200C815Ancient Falmer BootsDLC1IvoryBoots111902
00056A9DAncient Nord BootsArmorDraugrBoots10255
000E1F14Ancient Shrouded BootsDBArmorBootsSP122500.5
0402AD34Blackguard's BootsDLC2TGArmorVariantBoots132002
0004B288Blades BootsArmorBladesBoots138510
0401CD92Bonemold BootsDLC2ArmorBonemoldBoots12607
040284CBBonemold Boots of Dwindling FlamesDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistFire0312157
040284CEBonemold Boots of Dwindling FrostDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistFrost0312157
040284D1Bonemold Boots of Dwindling ShockDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistShock0312157
040284C7Bonemold Boots of HaulingDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsCarry0212157
040284C6Bonemold Boots of LiftingDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsCarry0112157
040284D4Bonemold Boots of Major SneakingDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsSneak0312157
040284D2Bonemold Boots of Minor SneakingDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsSneak0112157
040284C9Bonemold Boots of Resist FireDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistFire0112157
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