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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
020050C6Dawnguard ArmorDLC1ArmorHunterCuirass2512528
0200F3FBDawnguard ArmorDLC1ArmorDawnguardCuirassLight1292206
0200F402Dawnguard ArmorDLC1ArmorDawnguardCuirassLight2292206
0200F404Dawnguard ArmorDLC1ArmorDawnguardCuirassLight3292206
020050C5Dawnguard BootsDLC1ArmorHunterBoots10255
0200F400Dawnguard BootsDLC1ArmorDawnguardBootsLight8251.5
020050D0Dawnguard Full HelmetDLC1ArmorDawnguardHelmetHeavy1822010
020050C7Dawnguard GauntletsDLC1ArmorHunterGauntlets10254
0200F3FEDawnguard GauntletsDLC1ArmorDawnguardGauntletsLight8401.5
0200F3F7Dawnguard Heavy ArmorDLC1ArmorDawnguardCuirassHeavy13442542
0200F3FADawnguard Heavy ArmorDLC1ArmorDawnguardCuirassHeavy23442542
02014757Dawnguard Heavy BootsDLC1ArmorDawnguardBootsHeavy13859
02014758Dawnguard Heavy GauntletsDLC1ArmorDawnguardGauntletsHeavy13857
0201989EDawnguard HelmetDLC1ArmorDawnguardHelmetLight161001.5
02011BAFDawnguard Rune ShieldDLC1DawnguardRuneShield274506
020150B8Dawnguard ShieldDLC1ArmorDawnguardShield2624010
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