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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0200C815Ancient Falmer BootsDLC1IvoryBoots111902
0200C814Ancient Falmer CrownDLC1IvoryCrown03502
0200C816Ancient Falmer CuirassDLC1IvoryCuirass389007
0200CAD3Ancient Falmer CuirassDLC1IvoryCuirassAlternate38507
0200C817Ancient Falmer GauntletsDLC1IvoryGauntlets111902
000B83CBFalmer ArmorArmorFalmerCuirass3127520
000B83CDFalmer BootsArmorFalmerBoots12554
000B83CFFalmer GauntletsArmorFalmerGauntlets12554
0200E8DEFalmer Hardened ArmorDLC1ArmorFalmerHardenedCuirass3425040
0200E8DDFalmer Hardened BootsDLC1ArmorFalmerHardenedBoots13508
0200E8DFFalmer Hardened GauntletsDLC1ArmorFalmerHardenedGauntlets13607
0200E8E0Falmer Hardened HelmDLC1ArmorFAlmerHardenedHelmet1815010
020023E9Falmer Heavy ArmorDLC1ArmorFalmerHeavyCuirass43120035
020023EFFalmer Heavy BootsDLC1ArmorFalmerHeavyBoots162256
020023EDFalmer Heavy GauntletsDLC1ArmorFalmerHeavyGauntlets162256
020023EBFalmer Heavy HelmDLC1ArmorFAlmerHeavyHelmet216008
0004C3CBFalmer HelmetArmorFAlmerHelmet10255
0005C06CFalmer ShieldArmorFalmerShield281015
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