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Search Results for "Forsworn"

Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000EAFD0Armor of the Old GodsMS02ForswornArmor241003
000EAFD3Boots of the Old GodsMS02ForswornBoots7251.5
000D8D50Forsworn ArmorForswornCuirass261006
000D8D4EForsworn BootsForswornBoots7202
000D8D55Forsworn GauntletsForswornGauntlets7202
000D8D52Forsworn HeaddressForswornHelmet12502
000EAFD2Gauntlets of the Old GodsMS02ForswornGauntlets7250.5
000EAFD1Helmet of the Old GodsMS02ForswornHelmet12501
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