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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0401DB99Ahzidal's Gauntlets of WardingDLC2dunKolbjornGauntlets1417506
0200C817Ancient Falmer GauntletsDLC1IvoryGauntlets111902
00056B17Ancient Nord GauntletsArmorDraugrGauntlets10254
000E1F16Ancient Shrouded GlovesDBArmorGlovesSP121701
0004B28DBlades GauntletsArmorBladesGauntlets13858
0401CD94Bonemold GauntletsDLC2ArmorBonemoldGauntlets12603.5
040284DCBonemold Gauntlets of AlchemyDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsAlchemy0212153.5
040284DFBonemold Gauntlets of AlterationDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsAlteration0212153.5
040284EBBonemold Gauntlets of ArcheryDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsMarksman0212153.5
040284E2Bonemold Gauntlets of ConjuringDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsConjuration0212153.5
040284F1Bonemold Gauntlets of Deft HandsDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsPickpocket0212153.5
040284E5Bonemold Gauntlets of DestructionDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsDestruction0212153.5
040284E8Bonemold Gauntlets of LockpickingDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsLockpicking0212153.5
040284DDBonemold Gauntlets of Major AlchemyDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsAlchemy0312153.5
040284E0Bonemold Gauntlets of Major AlterationDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsAlteration0312153.5
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