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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
020068AEAmulet of BatsDLC1nVampireNightPowerNecklaceBats010000.5
0200A2A7Amulet of BatsDLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace3010000.5
0200F4D7Amulet of Drain MagickaDLC1nVampireNightPowerNecklaceDrain010000.5
0200E803Amulet of Draining GripDLC1nVampireNightPowerNecklaceBloodyGrip010000.5
0200A2A6Amulet of Mist FormDLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace2010000.5
0200A2A8Amulet of Supernatural ReflexesDLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace4010000.5
0200A2A5Amulet of the EmpathDLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace1010000.5
0200F4D5Amulet of The GargoyleDLC1nVampireNightPowerNecklaceGargoyle010000.5
0402C8ADBera's NecklaceDLC2SVFreeform1Necklace05800.5
000C72E8Charmed NecklaceWERJ06JewelryNecklaceGold01000.5
04026735East Empire Company AmuletDLC2EastEmpireCompanyAmulet01000.5
04024FA4East Empire PendantDLC2RRF05EECNecklace0250.5
000877F1Gold Diamond NecklaceJewelryNecklaceGoldDiamond012000.5
00087835Gold Jeweled NecklaceJewelryNecklaceGoldGems04850.5
000877D5Gold NecklaceJewelryNecklaceGold01200.5
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