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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0010DD3CAdept HoodEnchClothesRobesMageHoodAdept0101
0010CEE6Adept HoodTemplateClothesRobesMageAdeptHood0101
0010CEE3Adept RobesTemplateClothesRobesMageAdept051
0010D67EAdept RobesEnchClothesRobesMageRegen0306601
0010D66DAdept Robes of AlterationEnchClothesRobesMageAlteration0309101
0010D673Adept Robes of ConjurationEnchClothesRobesMageConjuration0309101
0010D676Adept Robes of DestructionEnchClothesRobesMageDestruction0309101
0010D67AAdept Robes of IllusionEnchClothesRobesMageIllusion0309101
0010D682Adept Robes of RestorationEnchClothesRobesMageRestoration0309101
0010DD3BApprentice HoodEnchClothesRobesMageHoodApprentice0101
0010D67DApprentice RobesEnchClothesRobesMageRegen0203081
0010D66CApprentice Robes of AlterationEnchClothesRobesMageAlteration0204081
0010D672Apprentice Robes of ConjurationEnchClothesRobesMageConjuration0204081
0010D670Apprentice Robes of DestructionEnchClothesRobesMageDestruction0204081
0010D679Apprentice Robes of IllusionEnchClothesRobesMageIllusion0204081
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