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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
00100E34Ring of Minor RestorationEnchRingRestoration0101000.25
00100E3BRing of Minor SmithingEnchRingSmithing0101000.25
00100E3ARing of Minor SneakingEnchRingSneak0101000.25
000FCEF7Ring of Minor StaminaEnchRingStamina0101000.25
00100E4CRing of Minor StrikingEnchRingTwoHanded0101000.25
00100E29Ring of Minor WieldingEnchRingOneHanded0101000.25
0002C37BRing of NamiraDA11RingofNamira05000.25
0010DFCDRing of NullificationEnchRingResistMagic0601000.25
00100E04Ring of Peeless DestructionEnchRingDestruction0601000.25
00100DF2Ring of Peerless AlterationEnchRingAlteration0601000.25
00100E28Ring of Peerless ArcheryEnchRingMarksman0601000.25
00100DF8Ring of Peerless BlockingEnchRingBlock0601000.25
00100DFERing of Peerless ConjurationEnchRingConjuration0601000.25
00100E7BRing of Peerless Deft HandsEnchRingPickpocket0601000.25
000FCF02Ring of Peerless HealthEnchRingHealth0601000.25
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