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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
00100E16Ring of Peerless IllusionEnchRingIllusion0601000.25
00100E22Ring of Peerless LockpickingEnchRingLockpicking0601000.25
000FF7D7Ring of Peerless MagickaEnchRingMagicka0601000.25
00100E39Ring of Peerless RestorationEnchRingRestoration0601000.25
00100E40Ring of Peerless SmithingEnchRingSmithing0601000.25
00100E45Ring of Peerless SneakingEnchRingSneak0601000.25
000FCEFCRing of Peerless StaminaEnchRingStamina0601000.25
00100E84Ring of Peerless Sure GripEnchRingTwoHanded0601000.25
00100E2ERing of Peerless WieldingEnchRingOneHanded0601000.25
00090E32Ring of Pure MixturesFavorFridaRing0750.25
0200A2A1Ring of Reanimate CorpseDLC1VampireBloodMagicRing1010000.25
00100E59Ring of RechargingEnchRingMagickaRate0301000.25
00100E5CRing of RecoveryEnchRingMagickaRate0601000.25
00100E55Ring of RecuperationEnchRingStaminaRate0301000.25
00100E53Ring of RegenerationEnchRingHealRate0501000.25
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