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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0200E7FERing of the EruditeDLC1nVampireBloodMagicRingErudite010000.25
00100E0FRing of the Extreme KnightEnchRingHeavyArmor0501000.25
00100E1CRing of the Extreme SquireEnchRingLightArmor0501000.25
0200A2A3Ring of the GargoyleDLC1VampireBloodMagicRing3010000.25
040275B9Ring of the HuntDLC2dunFrostmoonRingHunt035000.25
00100E0CRing of the Major KnightEnchRingHeavyArmor0201000.25
00100E0DRing of the Major KnightEnchRingHeavyArmor0301000.25
00100E1ARing of the Major SquireEnchRingLightArmor0301000.25
00100E0BRing of the Minor KnightEnchRingHeavyArmor0101000.25
00100E18Ring of the Minor SquireEnchRingLightArmor0101000.25
040275B8Ring of the MoonDLC2dunFrostmoonRingMoon022500.25
00100E10Ring of the Peerless KnightEnchRingHeavyArmor0601000.25
00100E1DRing of the Peerless SquireEnchRingLightArmor0601000.25
00100E19Ring of the SquireEnchRingLightArmor0201000.25
0200A2A2Ring of Vampiric GripDLC1VampireBloodMagicRing2010000.25
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