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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
02015CBEVampire Armor of Peerless DestructionDLC1EnchClothesVampireRobesDestruction06251755
02015CC5Vampire Armor of QuickeningDLC1EnchClothesVampireRobesMagickaRate02251755
02015CC6Vampire Armor of RechargingDLC1EnchClothesVampireRobesMagickaRate03251755
02015CC7Vampire Armor of ReplenishingDLC1EnchClothesVampireRobesMagickaRate04251755
02015CC8Vampire Armor of ResurgenceDLC1EnchClothesVampireRobesMagickaRate05251755
02019ADFVampire RobesDLC01ClothesVampire051
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