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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000C8919Amulet of KynarethReligiousKynarethAir0201
000C891BAmulet of MaraReligiousMaraLove0201
0200A2A6Amulet of Mist FormDLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace2010000.5
000CC844Amulet of StendarrReligiousStendarrMercy0201
0200A2A8Amulet of Supernatural ReflexesDLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace4010000.5
000CC846Amulet of TalosReligiousTalosMankind0201
000C8913Amulet of the Elder CouncilElderCouncilAmulet010000
0200A2A5Amulet of the EmpathDLC1VampireNightPowerNecklace1010000.5
0200F4D5Amulet of The GargoyleDLC1nVampireNightPowerNecklaceGargoyle010000.5
000878BBAmulet of ZenitharReligiousZenitharCommerce0201
000CC842Ancient Nord AmuletAncientNordAmulet01001
00094E3EAndurs' Amulet of ArkayWhiterunArkayAmulet02001
0201AA0BBone Hawk AmuletDLC1BoneHawkAmulet01001
04026735East Empire Company AmuletDLC2EastEmpireCompanyAmulet01000.5
0002D74FGauldur Amulet FragmentdunGauldurAmuletFragmentFolgunthur05000.5
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