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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
040284C9Bonemold Boots of Resist FireDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistFire0112157
040284CCBonemold Boots of Resist FrostDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistFrost0112157
040284CFBonemold Boots of Resist ShockDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistShock0112157
040284D3Bonemold Boots of SneakingDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsSneak0212157
040284C8Bonemold Boots of StrengthDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsCarry0312157
040284CABonemold Boots of Waning FireDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistFire0212157
040284CDBonemold Boots of Waning FrostDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistFrost0212157
040284D0Bonemold Boots of Waning ShockDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldBootsResistShock0212157
0401CD94Bonemold GauntletsDLC2ArmorBonemoldGauntlets12603.5
040284DCBonemold Gauntlets of AlchemyDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsAlchemy0212153.5
040284DFBonemold Gauntlets of AlterationDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsAlteration0212153.5
040284EBBonemold Gauntlets of ArcheryDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsMarksman0212153.5
040284E2Bonemold Gauntlets of ConjuringDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsConjuration0212153.5
040284F1Bonemold Gauntlets of Deft HandsDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsPickpocket0212153.5
040284E5Bonemold Gauntlets of DestructionDLC2EnchArmorBonemoldGauntletsDestruction0212153.5
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