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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000BDFC5Elven Armor of Major HealthEnchArmorElvenCuirassHealth03292254
0010CF84Elven Armor of Major IllusionEnchArmorElvenCuirassIllusion03292254
0010CF87Elven Armor of Major RestorationEnchArmorElvenCuirassRestoration03292254
0010CF86Elven Armor of RestorationEnchArmorElvenCuirassRestoration02292254
000BE03EElven Armor of the Eminent SquireEnchArmorElvenCuirassLightArmor04292254
000BDFC7Elven Armor of the Major SquireEnchArmorElvenCuirassLightArmor03292254
000BDFC6Elven Armor of the SquireEnchArmorElvenCuirassLightArmor02292254
0001391AElven BootsArmorElvenBoots8451
000BDFBBElven Boots of BrawnEnchArmorElvenBootsCarry048451
000BDFBDElven Boots of Dwindling FlamesEnchArmorElvenBootsResistFire038451
000BDFBFElven Boots of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorElvenBootsResistFrost038451
000BDFC1Elven Boots of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorElvenBootsResistShock038451
000BE03CElven Boots of Eminent SneakingEnchArmorElvenBootsSneak048451
0010DF88Elven Boots of Eminent StaminaEnchArmorElvenBootsStamina0429454
000BDFF8Elven Boots of Flame SuppressionEnchArmorElvenBootsResistFire048451
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