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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0007A13BHide Armor of Minor HealthEnchArmorHideCuirassHealth0120505
0010CFB1Hide Armor of Minor IllusionEnchArmorHideCuirassIllusion0120505
0010CFB4Hide Armor of Minor RestorationEnchArmorHideCuirassRestoration0120505
0010CFB5Hide Armor of RestorationEnchArmorHideCuirassRestoration0220505
000AD495Hide Armor of the Major SquireEnchArmorHideCuirassLightArmor0320505
0007A13CHide Armor of the Minor SquireEnchArmorHideCuirassLightArmor0120505
000AD494Hide Armor of the SquireEnchArmorHideCuirassLightArmor0220505
00013910Hide BootsArmorHideBoots5101
000AD48AHide Boots of Dwindling FlamesEnchArmorHideBootsResistFire035101
000AD48CHide Boots of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorHideBootsResistFrost035101
000AD48EHide Boots of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorHideBootsResistShock035101
000AD451Hide Boots of HaulingEnchArmorHideBootsCarry025101
0007A135Hide Boots of LiftingEnchArmorHideBootsCarry015101
000AD490Hide Boots of Major SneakingEnchArmorHideBootsSneak035101
0010DF8EHide Boots of Major StaminaEnchArmorHideBootsStamina035101
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