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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000ACC9DBanded Iron Armor of Minor HealthEnchArmorIronBandedCuirassHealth012820035
0010CFD1Banded Iron Armor of Minor IllusionEnchArmorIronBandedCuirassIllusion012820035
0010CFD4Banded Iron Armor of Minor RestorationEnchArmorIronBandedCuirassRestoration012820035
0010CFD5Banded Iron Armor of RestorationEnchArmorIronBandedCuirassRestoration022829935
000AD521Banded Iron Armor of the KnightEnchArmorIronBandedCuirassHeavyArmor022820035
000AD522Banded Iron Armor of the Major KnightEnchArmorIronBandedCuirassHeavyArmor032820035
000ACC9EBanded Iron Armor of the Minor KnightEnchArmorIronBandedCuirassHeavyArmor012820035
0001394BBanded Iron ShieldArmorIronBandedShield2210012
000AD553Banded Iron Shield of BlockingEnchArmorIronBandedShieldBlock022210012
000AD556Banded Iron Shield of Dwindling FireEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFire032210012
000AD558Banded Iron Shield of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFrost032210012
0010DFBBBanded Iron Shield of Dwindling MagicEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistMagic032210012
000AD55ABanded Iron Shield of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistShock032210012
000AD554Banded Iron Shield of Major BlockingEnchArmorIronBandedShieldBlock032210012
000ACCB7Banded Iron Shield of Minor BlockingEnchArmorIronBandedShieldBlock012210012
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