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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
040376EFGold NecklaceDLC2HeartstoneNecklace01200.5
000877DCGold Ruby NecklaceJewelryNecklaceGoldRuby05500.5
0006BBB5Grosta's NecklaceHMDNecklace0300.5
02018B91Locket of Saint JiubDLC1JiubNecklace55000.5
000D9394Moon AmuletFreeformCaravansANecklace02500.5
0010DF46Necklace of AlchemyEnchNecklaceAlchemy0202500.5
0010DF1CNecklace of BlockingEnchNecklaceBlock0202500.5
0010DF34Necklace of Deft HandsEnchNecklacePickpocket0202500.5
00100E65Necklace of Disease ImmunityEnchNecklaceResistDisease0202500.5
00100E64Necklace of Disease ResistanceEnchNecklaceResistDisease0102500.5
000FC045Necklace of Dwindling FireEnchNecklaceResistFire0302500.5
000FC04BNecklace of Dwindling FrostEnchNecklaceResistFrost0302500.5
000FC063Necklace of Dwindling MagicEnchNecklaceResistMagic0302500.5
000FC051Necklace of Dwindling ShockEnchNecklaceResistShock0302500.5
0010DF48Necklace of Eminent AlchemyEnchNecklaceAlchemy0402500.5
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