Armor, Clothes, Circlets, Amulets and Rings
Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000E35DFThieves Guild Hood AltArmorThievesGuildVariant02Helmet1300
000E35DBThieves Guild Variant ArmorArmorThievesGuildVariantCuirass2900
000E35DAThieves Guild Variant BootsArmorThievesGuildVariantBoots800
000E35DCThieves Guild Variant GlovesArmorThievesGuildVariantGauntlets501
000E35DDThieves Guild Variant HoodArmorThievesGuildVariantHelmet1300
000EE5C0Torturer's HoodArmorTorturerHood13101
000C0165Tsun's ArmorArmorTsunCuirass2900
000C0166Tsun's BootsArmorTsunBoots800
000F5981Tumblerbane GlovesDBArmorGlovesReward7552
00062311Ulfric's BootsClothesUlfricBoots0251
0006230BUlfric's BracersClothesUlfricGauntlets5250.5
00062303Ulfric's ClothesClothesUlfric01001
000F9670Ulfric's GagArmorGag000
000E739BVaermina RobesDA16VaerminaRobes8105
020142C7Vampire ArmorDLC1ArmorVampireArmorGray251755
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