Armor, Clothes, Circlets, Amulets and Rings
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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000CEE7EWolf GauntletsArmorCompanionsGauntlets12114
0004C3D0Wolf HelmetArmorCompanionsHelmet171254
00061CCAWooden MaskArmorDragonPriestMaskWoodHelmet1512
00105966Worn Shrouded ArmorDBArmorWorn20806
0010EB5BWorn Shrouded ArmorDBArmorWornPlayable20806
00105967Worn Shrouded BootsDBArmorBootsWorn3452
0010EB5CWorn Shrouded BootsDBArmorBootsWornPlayable3452
00105969Worn Shrouded CowlDBArmorHelmetWorn8502
0010EB5DWorn Shrouded CowlDBArmorHelmetWornPlayable8502
00105968Worn Shrouded GlovesDBArmorGlovesWorn4502
0010EB5EWorn Shrouded GlovesDBArmorGlovesWornPlayable4502
00106390wound testMS11WoundSusanna110
00106392wound testMS11WoundArivanya110
000D4FF7Yisra's NecklacePOIMageYisrasNecklace0500.5
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