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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0007BC19Hammerfell GarbClothesRedguardClothes051
00021520Hjaalmarch Guard's ArmorArmorGuardCuirassHjaalmarch23756
0002161BHjaalmarch Guard's HelmetArmorGuardHelmetFullHjaalmarch11352
000214EFHjaalmarch Guard's ShieldArmorGuardShieldHjaalmarch17403
00021508Markarth Guard's ArmorArmorGuardCuirassMarkarth23756
00021613Markarth Guard's HelmetArmorGuardHelmetFullReach11352
000214DCMarkarth Guard's ShieldArmorGuardShieldMarkarth17403
00021525Pale Guard's ArmorArmorGuardCuirassThePale23756
0002161FPale Guard's HelmetArmorGuardHelmetFullPale11352
000214F7Pale Guard's ShieldArmorGuardShieldPale17403
0007BC15Redguard BootsClothesRedguardBoots031
000E0DD0Redguard ClothesDBClothesRedguardClothes051
000E0DD2Redguard HoodDBClothesRedguardHood020.5
00021507Riften Guard's ArmorArmorGuardCuirassRiften23756
00021622Riften Guard's HelmetArmorGuardHelmetFullRift11352
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