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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0007A139Hide Boots of Minor SneakingEnchArmorHideBootsSneak015101
0010DF8CHide Boots of Minor StaminaEnchArmorHideBootsStamina015101
0007A136Hide Boots of Resist FireEnchArmorHideBootsResistFire015101
0007A137Hide Boots of Resist FrostEnchArmorHideBootsResistFrost015101
0007A138Hide Boots of Resist ShockEnchArmorHideBootsResistShock015101
000AD48FHide Boots of SneakingEnchArmorHideBootsSneak025101
0010DF8DHide Boots of StaminaEnchArmorHideBootsStamina025101
000AD452Hide Boots of StrengthEnchArmorHideBootsCarry035101
000AD489Hide Boots of Waning FireEnchArmorHideBootsResistFire025101
000AD48BHide Boots of Waning FrostEnchArmorHideBootsResistFrost025101
000AD48DHide Boots of Waning ShockEnchArmorHideBootsResistShock025101
00013912Hide BracersArmorHideGauntlets5101
0200CFB2Hide BracersDLC1LD_ArmorHideGauntletsNP5101
0008B680Hide Bracers of AlchemyEnchArmorHideGauntletsAlchemy025101
000AD4AFHide Bracers of ArcheryEnchArmorHideGauntletsMarksman025101
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