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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
00108546Linwe's HoodArmorLinweHelmet161502
000D3DE8Mage HoodClothesCollegeHood011
0010D6A6Mage HoodClothesCollegeHoodVariant1011
0010D6A7Mage HoodClothesCollegeHoodVariant2011
040292AEMorag Tong HoodDLC2MoragTongHood1221.5
020047DAMoth Priest BlindfoldDLC1ClothesMothPriestBlindfold011
00109C11Mythic Dawn RobesClothesMythicDawnRobesNoHood0252
000487D8Nightingale HoodArmorNightingaleHelmet2200
0005DB88Nightingale HoodArmorNightingaleHelmetPlayer01154502
000FCC13Nightingale HoodArmorNightingaleHelmetPlayer02154502
000FCC12Nightingale HoodArmorNightingaleHelmetPlayer03154502
0010DD3ANovice HoodEnchClothesRobesMageHoodNovice5101
0010CEE8Novice HoodTemplateClothesRobesMageNoviceHood5101
00065B99Psiijic HoodClothesPsiijicHood000
0201A73FReaperr's HoodDLC01SoulCairnReaperHood02501
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