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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000ACCB8Banded Iron Shield of Resist FireEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFire012210012
000ACCB9Banded Iron Shield of Resist FrostEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFrost012210012
0010DFB9Banded Iron Shield of Resist MagicEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistMagic012210012
000ACCBABanded Iron Shield of Resist ShockEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistShock012210012
000AD555Banded Iron Shield of Waning FireEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFire022210012
000AD557Banded Iron Shield of Waning FrostEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFrost022210012
0010DFBABanded Iron Shield of Waning MagicEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistMagic022210012
000AD559Banded Iron Shield of Waning ShockEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistShock022210012
0403399CDented Iron ShieldDLC2ArmorIronShield153012
0003521FFamily ShieldSU02IronShield201210
00012E49Iron ArmorArmorIronCuirass2512530
0010CFB9Iron Armor of AlterationEnchArmorIronCuirassAlteration022512530
0010CFBDIron Armor of ConjuringEnchArmorIronCuirassConjuration022512530
0010CFC0Iron Armor of DestructionEnchArmorIronCuirassDestruction022512530
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