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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000B509FSteel Boots of Dwindling FlamesEnchArmorSteelBootsResistFire0312558
000B50A1Steel Boots of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorSteelBootsResistFrost0312558
000B50A4Steel Boots of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorSteelBootsResistShock0312558
000B509BSteel Boots of HaulingEnchArmorSteelBootsCarry0212558
000B509ASteel Boots of LiftingEnchArmorSteelBootsCarry0112558
0010DF9BSteel Boots of Minor StaminaEnchArmorSteelBootsStamina0112558
00092A75Steel Boots of MufflingEnchArmorSteelBootsMuffle12558
000B509DSteel Boots of Resist FireEnchArmorSteelBootsResistFire0112558
000B50A0Steel Boots of Resist FrostEnchArmorSteelBootsResistFrost0112558
000B50A2Steel Boots of Resist ShockEnchArmorSteelBootsResistShock0112558
0010DF9CSteel Boots of StaminaEnchArmorSteelBootsStamina0212558
000B509CSteel Boots of StrengthEnchArmorSteelBootsCarry0312558
000B509ESteel Boots of Waning FireEnchArmorSteelBootsResistFire0212558
000B50F9Steel Boots of Waning FrostEnchArmorSteelBootsResistFrost0212558
000B50A3Steel Boots of Waning ShockEnchArmorSteelBootsResistShock0212558
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