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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000FC029Circlet of Peerless MagickaEnchCircletMagicka0602502
000FC035Circlet of Peerless RestorationEnchCircletRestoration060502
000FC031Circlet of RestorationEnchCircletRestoration020502
000FC036Circlet of WaterbreathingEnchCircletWaterbreathing0502
00016730Copper and Moonstone CircletClothesCirclet0901002
000166FFCopper and Onyx CircletClothesCirclet050502
00016731Copper and Ruby CircletClothesCirclet1001502
000166FECopper and Sapphire CircletClothesCirclet0402002
000F9904Diadem of the SavantdunLabyrinthianMazeCircletReward75054
0001672FGold and Emerald CircletClothesCirclet0805002
000166FDGold and Ruby CircletClothesCirclet0304502
000166D6Jade and Emerald CircletClothesCirclet0103502
0001671AJade and Sapphire CircletClothesCirclet0703002
000F1B2CMage's CircletMG04Reward0103202
000F1B2DMage's CircletMG04Reward0203202
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