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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000AD563Iron Armor of HealthEnchArmorIronCuirassHealth022512530
0010CFC3Iron Armor of IllusionEnchArmorIronCuirassIllusion022512530
0010CFBAIron Armor of Major AlterationEnchArmorIronArmorAlteration032512530
0010CFBBIron Armor of Major AlterationEnchArmorIronCuirassAlteration032512530
0010CFBEIron Armor of Major ConjuringEnchArmorIronCuirassConjuration032512530
0010CFC1Iron Armor of Major DestructionEnchArmorIronCuirassDestruction032512530
000AD564Iron Armor of Major HealthEnchArmorIronCuirassHealth032512530
0010CFC4Iron Armor of Major IllusionEnchArmorIronCuirassIllusion032512530
0010CFC7Iron Armor of Major RestorationEnchArmorIronCuirassRestoration032512530
0010CFB8Iron Armor of Minor AlterationEnchArmorIronCuirassAlteration012512530
0010CFBCIron Armor of Minor ConjuringEnchArmorIronCuirassConjuration012512530
0010CFBFIron Armor of Minor DestructionEnchArmorIronCuirassDestruction012512530
0004950EIron Armor of Minor HealthEnchArmorIronCuirassHealth012512530
0010CFC2Iron Armor of Minor IllusionEnchArmorIronCuirassIllusion012512530
0010CFC5Iron Armor of Minor RestorationEnchArmorIronCuirassRestoration012512530
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