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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
00046BD2Scaled Bracers of Eminent AlchemyEnchArmorScaledGauntletsAlchemy049702
00046BEBScaled Bracers of Eminent ArcheryEnchArmorScaledGauntletsMarksman049702
00046C80Scaled Bracers of Eminent Deft HandsEnchArmorScaledGauntletsPickpocket049702
00046BE8Scaled Bracers of Eminent LockpickingEnchArmorScaledGauntletsLockpicking049702
00046CEAScaled Bracers of Eminent SmithingEnchArmorScaledGauntletsSmithing049702
00046CF5Scaled Bracers of Eminent Sure GripEnchArmorScaledGauntletsTwoHanded049702
00046C7CScaled Bracers of Eminent WieldingEnchArmorScaledGauntletsOneHanded049702
00046BE6Scaled Bracers of LockpickingEnchArmorScaledGauntletsLockpicking029702
00046BD1Scaled Bracers of Major AlchemyEnchArmorScaledGauntletsAlchemy039702
00046BEAScaled Bracers of Major ArcheryEnchArmorScaledGauntletsMarksman039702
00046C7FScaled Bracers of Major Deft HandsEnchArmorScaledGauntletsPickpocket039702
00046BE7Scaled Bracers of Major LockpickingEnchArmorScaledGauntletsLockpicking039702
00046CDAScaled Bracers of Major SmithingEnchArmorScaledGauntletsSmithing039702
00046CF4Scaled Bracers of Major Sure GripEnchArmorScaledGauntletsTwoHanded039702
00046C7AScaled Bracers of Major WieldingEnchArmorScaledGauntletsOneHanded039702
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