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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0010CFC6Iron Armor of RestorationEnchArmorIronCuirassRestoration022512530
000AD565Iron Armor of the KnightEnchArmorIronCuirassHeavyArmor022512530
000AD566Iron Armor of the Major KnightEnchArmorIronCuirassHeavyArmor032512530
0007A128Iron Armor of the Minor KnightEnchArmorIronCuirassHeavyArmor012512530
00012E4BIron BootsArmorIronBoots10256
000AD55EIron Boots of Dwindling FlamesEnchArmorIronBootsResistFire0310256
000AD560Iron Boots of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorIronBootsResistFrost0310256
000AD562Iron Boots of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorIronBootsResistShock0310256
000AD55BIron Boots of HaulingEnchArmorIronBootsCarry0210256
0007A120Iron Boots of LiftingEnchArmorIronBootsCarry0110256
0010DF91Iron Boots of Major StaminaEnchArmorIronBootsStamina0310256
0010DF8FIron Boots of Minor StaminaEnchArmorIronBootsStamina0110256
0007A0F0Iron Boots of Resist FireEnchArmorIronBootsResistFire0110256
0007A0F1Iron Boots of Resist FrostEnchArmorIronBootsResistFrost0110256
00049B92Iron Boots of Resist ShockEnchArmorIronBootsResistShock0110256
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