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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000CF806Orcish Helmet of Eminent DestructionEnchArmorOrcishHelmetDestruction04205008
000CF80COrcish Helmet of Eminent IllusionEnchArmorOrcishHelmetIllusion04205008
000CF80FOrcish Helmet of Eminent MagickaEnchArmorOrcishHelmetMagicka04205008
000CF815Orcish Helmet of Eminent RestorationEnchArmorOrcishHelmetRestoration04205008
000CF7FEOrcish Helmet of Extreme AlchemyEnchArmorOrcishHelmetAlchemy05205008
000CF801Orcish Helmet of Extreme AlterationEnchArmorOrcishHelmetAlteration05205008
000CF813Orcish Helmet of Extreme ArcheryEnchArmorOrcishHelmetMarksman05205008
000CF804Orcish Helmet of Extreme ConjuringEnchArmorOrcishHelmetConjuration05205008
000CF807Orcish Helmet of Extreme DestructionEnchArmorOrcishHelmetDestruction05205008
000CF80DOrcish Helmet of Extreme IllusionEnchArmorOrcishHelmetIllusion05205008
000CF810Orcish Helmet of Extreme MagickaEnchArmorOrcishHelmetMagicka05205008
000CF816Orcish Helmet of Extreme RestorationEnchArmorOrcishHelmetRestoration05205008
000CF7FCOrcish Helmet of Major AlchemyEnchArmorOrcishHelmetAlchemy03205008
000CF7FFOrcish Helmet of Major AlterationEnchArmorOrcishHelmetAlteration03205008
000CF811Orcish Helmet of Major ArcheryEnchArmorOrcishHelmetMarksman03205008
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