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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000BDFEAElven Helmet of ConjuringEnchArmorElvenHelmetConjuration02131101
000BE050Elven Helmet of Eminent ConjuringEnchArmorElvenHelmetConjuration04131101
000BDFEBElven Helmet of Major ConjuringEnchArmorElvenHelmetConjuration03131101
0002584CEnchanted RingMG02Ring01050.25
000C0164Fjola's Wedding BanddunMistwatchRing01500.25
000D3BDBFjola's Wedding BanddunMistwatchRingSell01500.25
0010CF9CGlass Armor of Eminent ConjuringEnchArmorGlassCuirassConjuration04389007
0010CF9DGlass Armor of Extreme ConjuringEnchArmorGlassCuirassConjuration05389007
0010CF9BGlass Armor of Major ConjuringEnchArmorGlassCuirassConjuration03389007
000D53C5Glass Helmet of Eminent ConjuringEnchArmorGlassHelmetConjuration04164502
000D53C6Glass Helmet of Extreme ConjuringEnchArmorGlassHelmetConjuration05164502
000D53C4Glass Helmet of Major ConjuringEnchArmorGlassHelmetConjuration03164502
000877C9Gold Diamond RingJewelryRingGoldDiamond09000.25
000877CAGold Emerald RingJewelryRingGoldEmerald07000.25
0001CF2BGold RingJewelryRingGold0750.25
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