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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0010DFA1Daedric Shield of Magic SuppressionEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistMagic0436160015
000D7AF0Daedric Shield of Peerless BlockingEnchArmorDaedricShieldBlock0636160015
000D7AF8Daedric Shield of Shock AbatementEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistShock0536160015
000D7AF7Daedric Shield of Shock SuppressionEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistShock0436160015
000D7AF3Daedric Shield of the FirewalkerEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistFire0636160015
0010DFA3Daedric Shield of the NullificationEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistMagic0636160015
000D7AF6Daedric Shield of WarmthEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistFrost0636160015
02011BAFDawnguard Rune ShieldDLC1DawnguardRuneShield274506
020150B8Dawnguard ShieldDLC1ArmorDawnguardShield2624010
0403399CDented Iron ShieldDLC2ArmorIronShield153012
00013968Dragonplate ShieldArmorDragonplateShield34105015
02018065Dragonplate ShieldDLC1KeeperShield34105015
000D7A7CDragonplate Shield of Eminent BlockingEnchArmorDragonplateShieldBlock0434105015
000D7A7DDragonplate Shield of Extreme BlockingEnchArmorDragonplateShieldBlock0534105015
000D7A80Dragonplate Shield of Fire AbatementEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistFire0534105015
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