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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000CF802Orcish Helmet of Major ConjuringEnchArmorOrcishHelmetConjuration03205008
000CF805Orcish Helmet of Major DestructionEnchArmorOrcishHelmetDestruction03205008
000CF80BOrcish Helmet of Major IllusionEnchArmorOrcishHelmetIllusion03205008
000CF80EOrcish Helmet of Major MagickaEnchArmorOrcishHelmetMagicka03205008
000CF814Orcish Helmet of Major RestorationEnchArmorOrcishHelmetRestoration03205008
000CF817Orcish Helmet of WaterbreathingEnchArmorOrcishHelmetWaterbreathing205008
00013946Orcish ShieldArmorOrcishShield3050014
000CF81BOrcish Shield of Dwindling FireEnchArmorOrcishShieldResistFire033050014
000CF81EOrcish Shield of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorOrcishShieldResistFrost033050014
0010DFBFOrcish Shield of Dwindling MagicEnchArmorOrcishShieldResistMagic033050014
000CF821Orcish Shield of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorOrcishShieldResistShock033050014
000CF819Orcish Shield of Eminent BlockingEnchArmorOrcishShieldBlock043050014
000CF81AOrcish Shield of Extreme BlockingEnchArmorOrcishShieldBlock053050014
000CF81DOrcish Shield of Fire AbatementEnchArmorOrcishShieldResistFire053050014
000CF81COrcish Shield of Fire SuppressionEnchArmorOrcishShieldResistFire043050014
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