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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000CF8B2Executioner's HoodClothesExecutionerHood0251
000CF8B3Executioner's RobesClothesExecutionerRobes01001
0010D662Expert RobesTemplateClothesRobesMageExpert051
0010D67FExpert RobesEnchClothesRobesMageRegen04011121
0010D66EExpert Robes of AlterationEnchClothesRobesMageAlteration04016121
0010D674Expert Robes of ConjurationEnchClothesRobesMageConjuration04016121
0010D677Expert Robes of DestructionEnchClothesRobesMageDestruction04016121
0010D67BExpert Robes of IllusionEnchClothesRobesMageIllusion04016121
0010D683Expert Robes of RestorationEnchClothesRobesMageRestoration04016121
00086990Fine ArmguardsClothesJarlGloves027250.5
00086993Fine BootsClothesFineBoots010201
000CEE82Fine BootsClothesFineBoots020251
040376DEFine BootsDLC2ClothesFineBoots020251
000CEE80Fine ClothesClothesFineClothes020351
00086991Fine ClothesClothesFineClothes010401
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