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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000FE2F2Dragonplate Helmet of ReplenishingEnchArmorDragonplateHelmetMagickaRate042210508
000FE2F3Dragonplate Helmet of ResurgenceEnchArmorDragonplateHelmetMagickaRate052210508
000D7A7BDragonplate Helmet of WaterbreathingEnchArmorDragonplateHelmetWaterbreathing2210508
00013968Dragonplate ShieldArmorDragonplateShield34105015
02018065Dragonplate ShieldDLC1KeeperShield34105015
000D7A7CDragonplate Shield of Eminent BlockingEnchArmorDragonplateShieldBlock0434105015
000D7A7DDragonplate Shield of Extreme BlockingEnchArmorDragonplateShieldBlock0534105015
000D7A80Dragonplate Shield of Fire AbatementEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistFire0534105015
000D7A7FDragonplate Shield of Fire SuppressionEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistFire0434105015
000D7A83Dragonplate Shield of Frost AbatementEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistFrost0534105015
000D7A82Dragonplate Shield of Frost SuppressionEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistFrost0434105015
000D7A87Dragonplate Shield of GroundingEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistShock0634105015
0010DFA5Dragonplate Shield of Magic AbatementEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistMagic0534105015
0010DFA4Dragonplate Shield of Magic SuppressionEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistMagic0434105015
0010DFA6Dragonplate Shield of NullificationEnchArmorDragonplateShieldResistMagic0634105015
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