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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0010DFACDwarven Shield of Magic SuppressionEnchArmorDwarvenShieldResistMagic042622512
000BE031Dwarven Shield of Major BlockingEnchArmorDwarvenShieldBlock032622512
00084B88Dwarven Shield of Shock SuppressionEnchArmorDwarvenShieldResistShock042622512
00084B6FDwarven Shield of Waning FireEnchArmorDwarvenShieldResistFire022622512
00084B70Dwarven Shield of Waning FrostEnchArmorDwarvenShieldResistFrost022622512
0010DFAADwarven Shield of Waning MagicEnchArmorDwarvenShieldResistMagic022622512
00084B71Dwarven Shield of Waning ShockEnchArmorDwarvenShieldResistShock022622512
04038ADDVisage of MzundDLC2dunFahlbtharzDwarvenHelmet24100012
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