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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
00052794Ebony MailDA02Armor45500028
00013964Ebony ShieldArmorEbonyShield3275014
000CF890Ebony Shield of Dwindling FireEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistFire033275014
000CF893Ebony Shield of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistFrost033275014
0010DFADEbony Shield of Dwindling MagicEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistMagic033275014
000CF896Ebony Shield of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistShock033275014
000CF88EEbony Shield of Eminent BlockingEnchArmorEbonyShieldBlock043275014
000CF88FEbony Shield of Extreme BlockingEnchArmorEbonyShieldBlock053275014
000CF892Ebony Shield of Fire AbatementEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistFire053275014
000CF891Ebony Shield of Fire SuppressionEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistFire043275014
000CF895Ebony Shield of Frost AbatementEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistFrost053275014
000CF894Ebony Shield of Frost SuppressionEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistFrost043275014
0010DFAFEbony Shield of Magic AbatementEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistMagic053275014
0010DFAEEbony Shield of Magic SuppressionEnchArmorEbonyShieldResistMagic043275014
000CF88DEbony Shield of Major BlockingEnchArmorEbonyShieldBlock033275014
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