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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000AD4CBHide Shield of BlockingEnchArmorHideShieldBlock0215254
000AD4CEHide Shield of Dwindling FlamesEnchArmorHideShieldResistFire0315254
000AD4D0Hide Shield of Dwindling FrostEnchArmorHideShieldResistFrost0315254
0010DFB8Hide Shield of Dwindling MagicEnchArmorHideShieldResistMagic0315254
000AD4D2Hide Shield of Dwindling ShockEnchArmorHideShieldResistShock0315254
000AD4CCHide Shield of Major BlockingEnchArmorHideShieldBlock0315254
0007A159Hide Shield of Minor BlockingEnchArmorHideShieldBlock0115254
0007A15CHide Shield of Resist FireEnchArmorHideShieldResistFire0115254
0007A15BHide Shield of Resist FrostEnchArmorHideShieldResistFrost0115254
0010DFB6Hide Shield of Resist MagicEnchArmorHideShieldResistMagic0115254
0007A15AHide Shield of Resist ShockEnchArmorHideShieldResistShock0115254
000AD4CDHide Shield of Waning FireEnchArmorHideShieldResistFire0215254
000AD4CFHide Shield of Waning FrostEnchArmorHideShieldResistFrost0215254
0010DFB7Hide Shield of Waning MagicEnchArmorHideShieldResistMagic0215254
000AD4D1Hide Shield of Waning ShockEnchArmorHideShieldResistShock0215254
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