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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0007A132Iron Gauntlets of Minor SmithingEnchArmorIronGauntletsSmithing0110255
0007A134Iron Gauntlets of Minor Sure GripEnchArmorIronGauntletsTwoHanded0110255
0007A12EIron Gauntlets of Minor WieldingEnchArmorIronGauntletsOneHanded0110255
000AD583Iron Gauntlets of SmithingEnchArmorIronGauntletsSmithing0210255
000AD585Iron Gauntlets of Sure GripEnchArmorIronGauntletsTwoHanded0210255
000AD57DIron Gauntlets of WieldingEnchArmorIronGauntletsOneHanded0210255
00012E4DIron HelmetArmorIronHelmet15605
0008B66BIron Helmet of AlchemyEnchArmorIronHelmetAlchemy0215605
000AD587Iron Helmet of AlterationEnchArmorIronHelmetAlteration0215605
000AD593Iron Helmet of ArcheryEnchArmorIronHelmetMarksman0215605
000AD589Iron Helmet of ConjuringEnchArmorIronHelmetConjuration0215605
000AD58BIron Helmet of DestructionEnchArmorIronHelmetDestruction0215605
000AD58FIron Helmet of IllusionEnchArmorIronHelmetIllusion0215605
000AD591Iron Helmet of MagickaEnchArmorIronHelmetMagicka0215605
0008B66CIron Helmet of Major AlchemyEnchArmorIronHelmetAlchemy0315605
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