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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
040291F5Nordic Shield of Frost AbatementDLC2EnchArmorNordicShieldResistFrost0526.550010
040291F4Nordic Shield of Frost SuppressionDLC2EnchArmorNordicShieldResistFrost0426.550010
040291F8Nordic Shield of Magic AbatementDLC2EnchArmorNordicShieldResistMagic0526.550010
040291F7Nordic Shield of Magic SuppressionDLC2EnchArmorNordicShieldResistMagic0426.550010
040291EENordic Shield of Major BlockingDLC2EnchArmorNordicShieldBlock0326.550010
040291FBNordic Shield of Shock AbatementDLC2EnchArmorNordicShieldResistShock0526.550010
040291FANordic Shield of Shock SuppressionDLC2EnchArmorNordicShieldResistShock0426.550010
00013953Steel Nordic GauntletsArmorSteelGauntletsA12554
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