Armor, Clothes, Circlets, Amulets and Rings
Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0010DFB9Banded Iron Shield of Resist MagicEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistMagic012210012
000ACCBABanded Iron Shield of Resist ShockEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistShock012210012
000AD555Banded Iron Shield of Waning FireEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFire022210012
000AD557Banded Iron Shield of Waning FrostEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistFrost022210012
0010DFBABanded Iron Shield of Waning MagicEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistMagic022210012
000AD559Banded Iron Shield of Waning ShockEnchArmorIronBandedShieldResistShock022210012
0001BE1ABelted TunicClothesFarmClothes01021
0402C8ADBera's NecklaceDLC2SVFreeform1Necklace05800.5
000C5D10Black Mage HoodClothesWarlockHoodUnplayable0250.5
000C5D11Black Mage RobesClothesWarlockRobes051
00106661Black RobesClothesRobesBlack051
00016FFEBlack RobesDremoraRobesBlack051
040376DABlack RobesDLC2DremoraRobesBlack051
0402AD33Blackguard's ArmorDLC2TGArmorVariantCuirass336007
0402AD34Blackguard's BootsDLC2TGArmorVariantBoots132002
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