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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0010DFA1Daedric Shield of Magic SuppressionEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistMagic0436160015
000D7AF0Daedric Shield of Peerless BlockingEnchArmorDaedricShieldBlock0636160015
000D7AF8Daedric Shield of Shock AbatementEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistShock0536160015
000D7AF7Daedric Shield of Shock SuppressionEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistShock0436160015
000D7AF3Daedric Shield of the FirewalkerEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistFire0636160015
0010DFA3Daedric Shield of the NullificationEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistMagic0636160015
000D7AF6Daedric Shield of WarmthEnchArmorDaedricShieldResistFrost0636160015
000DA750Jagged CrownArmorBoneCrown2350009
0002AC60Ring of HircineDA05HircinesRing04000.25
0002AC61Savior's HideDA05SaviorsHide2620006
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