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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
000D53DBGlass Shield of Eminent BlockingEnchArmorGlassShieldBlock04274506
000D53DCGlass Shield of Extreme BlockingEnchArmorGlassShieldBlock05274506
000D53DFGlass Shield of Fire AbatementEnchArmorGlassShieldResistFire05274506
000D53DEGlass Shield of Fire SuppressionEnchArmorGlassShieldResistFire04274506
000D53E2Glass Shield of Frost AbatementEnchArmorGlassShieldResistFrost05274506
000D53E1Glass Shield of Frost SuppressionEnchArmorGlassShieldResistFrost04274506
0010DFB5Glass Shield of Magic AbatementEnchArmorGlassShieldResistMagic05274506
0010DFB4Glass Shield of Magic SuppressionEnchArmorGlassShieldResistMagic04274506
000D53DAGlass Shield of Major BlockingEnchArmorGlassShieldBlock03274506
000D53E5Glass Shield of Shock AbatementEnchArmorGlassShieldResistShock05274506
000D53E4Glass Shield of Shock SuppressionEnchArmorGlassShieldResistShock04274506
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