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Form IDNameEditor NameRatingValueWeight
0010DF16Necklace of Sure GripEnchNecklaceTwoHanded0202500.5
0010DF2ANecklace of the Eminent KnightEnchNecklaceHeavyArmor0402500.5
0010DF30Necklace of the Eminent SquireEnchNecklaceLightArmor0402500.5
0010DF2BNecklace of the Extreme KnightEnchNecklaceHeavyArmor0502500.5
0010DF31Necklace of the Extreme SquireEnchNecklaceLightArmor0502500.5
000FC048Necklace of the FirewalkerEnchNecklaceResistFire0602500.5
0010DF28Necklace of the KnightEnchNecklaceHeavyArmor0202500.5
0010DF29Necklace of the Major KnightEnchNecklaceHeavyArmor0302500.5
0010DF2FNecklace of the Major SquireEnchNecklaceLightArmor0302500.5
0010DF27Necklace of the Minor KnightEnchNecklaceHeavyArmor0102500.5
0010DF2DNecklace of the Minor SquireEnchNecklaceLightArmor0102500.5
0010DF2CNecklace of the Peerless KnightEnchNecklaceHeavyArmor0602500.5
0010DF32Necklace of the Peerless SquireEnchNecklaceLightArmor0602500.5
0010DF2ENecklace of the SquireEnchNecklaceLightArmor0202500.5
000FC044Necklace of Waning FireEnchNecklaceResistFire0202500.5
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