Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
0001AF8CThe Song of Pelinal, v3Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV35
0001AF8DThe Song of Pelinal, v4Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV45
0001AF8EThe Song of Pelinal, v5Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV55
0001AF8FThe Song of Pelinal, v6Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV65
0001AF90The Song of Pelinal, v7Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV75
0001AF91The Song of Pelinal, v8Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV85
02006925The Sultry Argonian Bard, v1DLC1Book3ValuableSultryArgonianBardVol0114
000F03E3The Tale of Dro'ZiraBook3ValuableTaleOfDroZira11
000ED04DThe Talos MistakeBook2ReligiousTalosWorship7
0001ACFBThe Third DoorBook3ValuableTheThirdDoor11
000ED04FThe Third Era TimelineBook2CommonThirdEra8
000F683FThe Totems of HircineCR12TotemsOfHircine30
000F6840The Totems of HircineCR12TotemsOfHircineAbbr30
0001AD16The True Nature of OrcsBook4RareTrueNatureofOrcs20
00053347The Warmth of MaraFFRiftenWarmthofMara0
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