Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
0001AFEBThe Warrior's ChargeSkillConjuration550
0001AD17The Waters of OblivionBook4RareWatersofOblivion30
0001AD18The Wild ElvesBook4RareWildElves25
000ED03CThe Windhelm LettersBook2CommonWindhelmLetters7
00083B3BThe WispmotherBook2CommonTheWispmother8
0001B01AThe Wolf Queen, v1SkillLockpicking275
0001AFF2The Wolf Queen, v2Book0WolfQueenV24
0001AFFBThe Wolf Queen, v3Book0WolfQueenV34
0001B00BThe Wolf Queen, v4Book0WolfQueenV44
0001B024The Wolf Queen, v5Book0WolfQueenV54
0001B01EThe Wolf Queen, v6Book4RareTheWolfQueenV630
0001B026The Wolf Queen, v7Book0WolfQueenV74
0001ACFDThe Wolf Queen, v8Book3ValuableWolfQueenV812
000ED601The Woodcutter's WifeBook2CommonWoodcuttersWife8
000ED5F8There Be DragonsBook3ValuableThereBeDragons11
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