Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
0001ACDDThief of VirtueBook2CommonThiefOfVirtue5
000F0425Thief's Last WordsdunIrkngthandNote010
000F689FThings to DoLetterRiftenFishery010
000D674AThonar's JournalMS01ThonarJournal5
0001B276Three ThievesSkillSneak175
000F6929Timely OfferLetterRiftenRaggedFlagon020
000F68A5To A Concerned CitizenLetterRiftenSMFRInitialLetter0
000F68A1To Be Read Immedately!LetterRiftenBlackBriarMeadery020
000F6896To the BrotherhoodLetterRiftenBlackBriarHouse030
000F6899To The OwnerLetterRiftenMercerFreyHouse010
00026700Tolfdir's BookMGR01Book15
00074ADFTorn NotedunChillwindDepthsNote0
0201A3E8Touching the SkyDLC1FVBook04English20
000D2B09Tova's FarewellDB003TovaLetter0
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